Magnum Low Pro Volume Pressure Chamber M-80

Capable of extremely high resolution (0.0001 psi) as it spans the range of near absolute vacuum to low pressures (30" Hg - 80 PSI). It's rugged outer housing and dual o-ring design ensures zero leakage. Not only is the M-80 bench mountable, but it’s relative light weight (3.5 lbs) makes it perfect for field use as well. Optional power drive supplied to rotate the vernier at a quicker pace in-order to speed up your calibrations.

Near absolute vacuum (30"Hg) to 80psi
Resolution 0.0001psi
Bench mountable
Weight - 3.5lbs
M-80KT version includes rechargeable lithium batteries. M-80KT, M-80WIN and M-80TH versions allow the user to rapidly span the range without having to manually turn the knob by including a patented power drive.


Extremely high resolution
Excellent stability for low pressure calibrations
Dual O-Rings
2 year "quibble free" warranty