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7794DVP Sanitary Durafet III Mounting

Designed to meet 3-A Sanitary Standards, the 7794DVP Sanitary Durafet III Mounting pH electrode uses solid state ISFET technology to eliminate the conventional, fragile glass pH sensor. The non-glass sensor can be used directly in the process without the fear of breaking, loss, or product contamination, thus ensuring low cost and high quality. In addition, it enables online and continuous pH measurement so that there is no need for time consuming grab sampling.

HPW7000 pH Measurement System

The HPW7000 is a specially designed electrode mounting assembly that provides accurate and stable pH measurement even in low conductivity (<10 mmho/cm) water samples. In addition to offering the lowest total cost of ownership, the device comes with a host of other benefits such as minimum calibration errors, improved temperature sensitivity, and small assembly that can be panel or surfaced mounted.

HB and HBD Series Ruggedized Electrodes

The HB and HBD Series use a unique reference technology that includes a host of advanced features that deliver long life and facilitate accurate and cost-effective measurement. The HBD Series incorporates the non-glass Durafet sensor with a unique reference design. The non-glass sensor is virtually unbreakable, lowering replacement electrode inventory costs. It is also more stable over time, reducing calibration frequency and time.

7773 Flow and Immersion Mounting

7773 mounting capabilities address the industrial measurements of pH and ORP in flow through or immersion applications. With seven housing configurations, the 7773 is available with the widest range of electrode, preamplifier, automatic temperature compensator and mounting assembly options.

The flexible wetted material choices include 316 stainless steel, glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene or Ryton making the assembly ideal for use in corrosive solutions at pressures up to 1034 kPa (150 psig) and temperatures up to 130°C (266°F).

Directline DL5000 Equilibrium Probe

The DL5000 Equilibrium Probe accurately measures dissolved oxygen and is available for use with the DirectLine 424 or 425 sensor modules and UDA2182 Universal Dual Channel Analyzer. 

While the PVC style probe is ideal for industrial and municipal waste water treatment, the stainless steel version with incorporated fittings meets the needs of high purity power generation applications. Its unique design results in a device that requires no internal maintenance, and is unaffected by changes in process flow or fouling.

Directline 424 PPM Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The DirectLine DL424 ppm Transmitter helps users accurately measure dissolved oxygen. Designed to be intrinsically safe, its corrosion-resistant sealed composite enclosure makes it ideal for harsh environments where moisture, dust and chemicals may be prevalent.

A remote mounting option for submersion or special mounting applications connects the electronics module to the DO probe via a cable. The module can be mounted on a 2-inch pipe, wall or DIN rail.