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Durafet pH Electrodes

Durafet pH electrodes offer a reliable combination of measuring and reference electrodes and an integral automatic temperature compensator in a one-piece construction and are suited for varying pH and temperature ranges.

Housed in a chemically resistant Ryton body, these electrodes serve the need of a variety of industrial or sanitary applications, including neutralization and reagent addition control. A sanitary Durafet III design is also available for food and dairy applications.

7866 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

Honeywell’s 7866 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer is designed to provide a highly sensitive and accurate analysis of a binary mixture of gases. The thermal conductivity analyzer can also be calibrated to measure a single component of a multi-component gas mixture. The analyzer comes in two versions – a Triple Range Analyzer and Single Range Analyzer.

LQ510 Sanitary Density Meter

The LQ510 Microwave Analyzer is the sanitary version of the LQ500 and utilizes the same operational principles. The LQ510 is a 3A approved device for use in sanitary applications such as food and pharmaceutical. All wetted parts are constructed with 316 Stainless Steel. The unit is designed to meet CIP and SIP requirements, depending upon the conditions, and is also available to meet HACCP system requirements. Process connections are made via ISO2852 clamp (IDF clamp) or Tri-Clamp® connections.

LQ500 Density Meter

The Toshiba LQ500 Microwave Analyzer measurement technique is based on the way solids affect the propagation of microwaves compared to all other ingredients in the pipe, and thus, the unit is solely specific to the percent solids in the pipe.

The LQ500 has a linear output and is optimized to measure true percent total solids in your process fluid. Accordingly, a very repeatable measurement) and excellent closed loop control is easily implemented.