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SmartLine STT650 DIN Rail Mounted Temperature Transmitter

The SmartLine STT650 temperature transmitters offer the following features:  Leading Performance High accuracy – 0.1°C for RTD Faster response, up to 135 ms update Stable measurement, 0.12% of span for two years Reliable Measurement  Built-in 1500 VAC galvanic isolation Superior noise performance – tested for 2 KV surge/2.5 kv burst noise Lower Cost of Ownership  Sensor diagnostics  Simple and easier configuration Compact design, saving over 50% panel space. 


What Is It? SmartLine temperature transmitters are the industry’s most robust transmitters with efficient control system integration and other unique features that help it deliver in tough and noisy environments. This transmitter family includes the STT850 Field Mounted Transmitter based on dual compartment housing and the STT650 DIN Rail Mounted Transmitter. How Does It Work?

SmartLine STT850 Temperature Transmitter

The SmartLine STT850 temperature transmitter is designed to deliver very high performance across varying ambient temperatures. The total installed accuracy level of the transmitter, including the ambient temperature effect, allows the STT850 to replace virtually any transmitter available today. Email Us Call Us Request a Call What Is It? The SmartLine STT850 temperature transmitters offer the following features: Digital accuracy up to 0.08°C for RTD Stability up to 0.01% of URL per year for ten years 125 ms update time Sensor matching facility for higher accuracy

STT350 Temperature Transmitter

STT350 Temperature Transmitter converts low level signals from temperature sensors into current signals capable of long distance transmission. In view of its unique design and robust galvanic isolation, the temperature measurement is immune to electromagnetic and RF interference, helping users measure temperature in noisy industrial environments as seen in mineral and metal industries. In addition, it helps users measure temperature accurately leading to improved energy efficiency and product quality.

STT250 Temperature Transmitter

STT250 Smart temperature transmitters are used to monitor and control temperature of critical rotating and static assets thereby enhancing equipment health and performance. In several process heating applications, these are employed to control process temperatures leading to energy efficiency and product quality.


The STT170 is Honeywell’s economy-tier family of temperature transmitters to flank the existing mid-tier STT250 and high-tier STT350 temperature transmitters. It helps convert low level signals from temperature sensors such as RTDs and TCs into current signals and is capable of transmitting long distances through noisy plant environments.  The STT170 line consists of four temperature transmitters and one configuration tool: