DL421 pH Transmitter

DirectLine DL421 pH Transmitter modules are next-generation analytical transmitters that easily interface with Honeywell’s packaged solutions for accurate pH measurement.

The pH transmitter eliminates pre-amps in pH applications and is connected directly to a Durafet II, Durafet III, DL2000 glass or HPW7000 pH electrodes. This makes the pH transmitter highly cost effective as it is easy to install, start-up, operate and maintain.

Designed to be intrinsically safe, this analytical transmitter’s corrosion-resistant sealed plastic enclosure makes it ideal for harsh environments where moisture, dust and chemicals may be prevalent. A remote mounting option for submersion or special mounting applications connects the electronics module to the pH electrode via a cable. The module can be mounted on a 2-inch pipe, wall or DIN rail.

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