LF414 Mounted Mount Anywhere Mag Meter

The Mount-Anywhere™ Gap and Crevice Free Wafer Style Magmeter is an excellent choice for high slurry concentrations, abrasive, adhesive, or corrosive applications. Toshiba’s exclusive Float-N-Place™ ceramic liner has been specially designed to operate in severe slurry applications where a continuous slurry exposure could damage non-floating ceramic liners. Toshiba’s ceramic liner is specially mounted "inside" the flow tube and does not protrude to the outside of the body like conventional ceramic magmeters. This exclusive design virtually eliminates the possibility of breakage due to accidental bumping of the meter, rapid temperature changes, or over tightening of flanges. Compare Toshiba’s Float-N-Place™ thermal shock specifications of 302°F change in just 0.5 seconds to others that have stationary locked-in-place ceramic liners.

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