UDA2182 Dual Input Analyzer Electronics

The UDA2182 monitors and controls analytical process variables such as a solution’s acidity or alkalinity (pH), its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) as well as its Dissolved Oxygen (DO) concentration. Applications include power water quality control, wastewater influent and effluent, pure water preparation, food and dairy and neutralization.

Its ‘mix-and match’ input card design, menu-driven configuration, high-resolution graphic backlit display, Ethernet communications, wireless IR interface and multiple language prompts make it easy to install, operate and maintain. Pre-calibrated ‘plug-and-play’ input cards available in pH (Glass and Durafet), ORP, Contacting Conductivity DO (ppm and ppb) ensure accuracy of measurement.

The UDA2182 analyzer platform builds on Honeywell’s series of 7082, 9782, and 7020 Leeds & Northrup analyzers, and can be seamlessly retrofitted to enhance performance and reliability. 

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