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Rex Twedt

New Altek Process Calibrator Does It All

calibrator, it is a temperature calibrator, a frequency calibrator and a multimeter.
Use at every point in your 4 to 20 mA loop. You can source and read 0.00 to 24.00 mA, simulate a two-wire transmitter or use the TechChek 820 to simultaneously power and measure your two-wire transmitters.

Calibrate all your DC millivolt and voltage instrumentation. Source from 0.00 to 110.00 mV and 0.00 to 10.25 V. Read up to 110.00 mV, 11.00 V and 200.0 VDC.
Source and read directly in C and F for T/C types J, K, T and E with 1 resolution. Cold junction compensation automatically adjusts for ambient temperature changes.
Built-in Platinum 100 Ohm DIN/IEC 751 table displays in C or F. Also reads and sources in Ohms.