Watlow Anafaze Compact Alarm Scanner

Magnetrol Microtel Magnetostricive Level Transmitter

The Microtel Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter is a loop powered, liquid-level precision measuring instrument.  Utilizing magnetostrictive technology, it achieves high linearity in level measurement of clean fluids.  It requires minimum maintenance since the float is the only moving part.
The Microtel Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter features:

  • inventory management precision

  • two wire, 4 - 20 mA (reversible) operation simplifies installation

  • accurate to specific gravity as low as 0.67

  • operating lengths from 36" to 144" (90 to 365cm)

  • factory calibrated for entire probe length

  • intrinsically safe and explosion proof for use in the most demanding hazardous environments

  • unique probe design permits

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